Configure the system settings.

This short video shows you how to configure your initial system settings.

Step by step

Once you have logged into your account for the first time you will need to click on Settings from the dashboard menu.

Then click on Currencies.

Enter your EURO to GBP and USD to GBP conversion rates. You can get up to date exchange rates from, (If you only sell in one Amazon Marketplace then you do not need to complete this step).

Next click on Shipping Costs.

Choose a channel and enter your Amazon Shipping Rate in your home currency (this is the shipping cost you charge your customers) and then add your Actual Cost (this is the shipping cost you are charged by your courier), click save. You may add multiple entries for all your Amazon domestic and international shipping rates. If you only sell via FBA then you do not need to enter any shipping costs and can skip this section.

Lastly click on VAT/Sales Tax and save a rate percentage for every channel you sell into.

Next learn how to configure your Product Costs.